Lip Sync Battle Metta World Peace v Skylar Astin Recap

NBA player Metta World Peace and Skylar Astin, star of Pitch Perfect 1 and 2 (interestingly not 3 – the trailer of which drops tomorrow) go head to head in a lip sync battle literally no one would put together.

Metta World Peace started with Insane in the Brain by Cypress Hill. Steve seemed to do no preparation as he couldn’t keep up with the words. What he lacked in any lip sync talent, he made up with enthusiasm.


Skylar Astin did Where Are U Now by Skrillex/Diplo/Beebs. This proved to be a really hard song to lip sync, but Skylar did a really good job, including the remixed stuttery bits.

Skylar Astin.jpg

Metta followed up with Roar by Katy Perry. He did a much better job of this song technically (he seemed to actually know the words), but also the set and his costume was awesome.

Lip Sync Battle 3

Skylar finished it off with MILF $ by Fergie, another interesting choice that worked well for him. The costume was extremely.. err.. flattering?

Skylar Astin MILF


Next week on Lip Sync Battle Crazy Eyes v Taystee (Uzo Aduba v Danielle Brooks).



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