Daria Debuted on This Day Twenty Years Ago

Twenty years ago, pessimistic teenager Daria Morgendorffer hit our screens for the first time in the show appropriately named Daria. Daria previously appeared as a character in Beavis and Butthead.

Jane Lane.jpgJane Lane served as a great best friend to Daria as a fellow outcast. Jane is artistic, but suffers a lack of parental guidance that has contributed to her personality.



Quinn.jpgQuinn is Daria’s vain, shallow sister – the chalk to Daria’s cheese. She spends a lot of time pretending she is not Daria’s sister, while chasing boys.


Trent.jpgAnd who could forget Daria’s love interest Trent (who happens to be Jane’s older brother). He’s a slacker who plays in the band called Mystik Spiral.




I cannot express in words exactly how much I want this live trailer to be for a real movie starring Aubrey Plaza.

There was talk several years ago about a reboot, however Daria completely embodies the 1990s, I don’t think thata  reboot now would even be a shadow to the original show.


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