La La Land

la-la-land-posterLa La Land is widely tipped to win many of its amazing 14 nominations this week. The film stars Ryan Gosling as Sebastian, a jazz musician who wants to bring jazz back to the world, and Emma Stone as Mia, an aspiring actress. The film revolves around their relationship and life plans – and is of course a musical. Its theme is melancholy, in contrast to its medium which is bright and upbeat.

The whole film is a throwback to old Hollywood, with inspirations coming from such films as Singin’ in the Rain, with their dance styles heavily influenced by Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds.

Some people have called the movie overrated, saying that its massive Oscar haul is because Hollywood loves movies about themselves, however I enjoyed the movie. I love musicals, but I do think the movie would have been equally good if it wasn’t a musical – but that would defeat the purpose of the movie.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, who have previously starred together in Crazy Stupid Love (awesome movie) and Gangster Squad are shaping up to be one of those classic Hollywood couples, like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, or Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. I certainly hope that they star in another movie together.


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