The Philadelphia Story; I Never Knew Such A Man

philadelphia-storyThe Philadelphia Story is a 1940 George Cukor film about Tracy Lord, played by Katharine Hepburn, a divorcee and member of a upperclass socialite family and her wedding to George Kittredge (John Howard), a man of the people. Sidney Kidd (Henry Daniell) sends Macaulay Connors (James Stewart), a journalist and Liz Imbrie (Ruth Hussey), a photographer to cover the story. In order to get them into the wedding, Dexter Haven (Tracy’s ex husband), played by Cary Grant, introduces them as friends of Tracy’s brother.

This movie ended the famous Katharine Hepburn box office poison streak. It was quite successful upon release.

This is the second movie I have watched with Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn, after Bringing Up Baby, I’ve spoken about how much I like Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby, but also Adam’s Rib. However, it is the first movie I have seen with with Jimmy Stewart. The only familiarity I had with Stewart prior to this movie is Ryan Stiles’ and Kevin Spacey’s impressions of him. I really liked Stewart in this movie, and I’m looking forward to watching more movies with him in them.

This was a very enjoyable movie, it is a classic for a reason. I definitely recommend anyone who loves classic movies, who somehow hasn’t watched this yet, to put it on the top of their list.


Awards and honours that The Philadelphia Story received include:

  • A 100% Fresh Rating on Rotten Tomatoes
  • Nominated for the Outstanding Production Academy Award
  • Nominated for the Best Director Academy Award (George Cukor)
  • Won the Best Actor Academy Award (James Stewart)
  • Nominated for the Best Actress Academy Award (Katharine Hepburn)
  • Won the Best Writing/Screenplay Academy Award (Donald Ogden Stewart)
  • Nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award (Ruth Hussey)
  • Number 15 on AFI’s 100 Years 100 Laughs
  • Number 51 on AFI’s 100 Years 100 Movies

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