Pokemon Go – Second Gen To be Released This Week

Only a few weeks ago I posted What’s Happened to Pokemon Go? As the massive fad lasted a month or two in mid 2016, before haemorrhaging players.

Niantic, the creators, have announced the second generation will be released this week. This follows some speculation by players, as the six hour lure had been extended from the Valentines Day event for several more days and backend game data had been updated. As well as the placing of each Pokemon in 2, 5 and 10km eggs ( ie. Slowpoke changed from 5km to 2km etc).

As well as the second generation of Pokemon, Niantic have teased new encounter gameplay, new berries (including one that will double the candy earned for the catch), and new outfits for your avatar. Worried about having enough room to hold all the new Pokemon? Upgrades to your bag are currently half price!

It may just be enough to bring some players back after haemorrhaging players due to the monotonous game style, but we will see in the coming weeks.

Who are you looking forward to catching the most?


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