Party On; Wayne’s World is 25 Years Old

Wayne’s World, the classic film about two slackers based on a Saturday Night Live skit is turning twenty five on the 14th of February!

Wayne’s World was one of those movies that I grew up on, I love it. It’s endlessly quotable and rewatchable. To celebrate the 25 year anniversary of its release, in traditional Wayne’s World style, I will list my top 10 reasons I love Wayne’s World.


10. Our unworthiness of Alice Cooper.

We're Not Worthy.gif


9. Attempting to reconnect with an ex by buying them a gun rack. What a psycho hose beast.

I don’t even own a gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack


8. When you find Bugs Bunny attractive. This line was ad-libbed by Garth.


7. The Terminator 2 reference

Have You Seen This Boy.gif


6. Camera one, camera two, camera one, camera two.

Camera 1 Camera 2.gif


5. Cassandra Wong – schwing!

She Will Be Mine.gif


4. Rob Lowe being literally the best villain ever. This role revived his career after his unfortunate sex tape scandal in the 80s.

Rob Lowe.jpg


3. Stairway to Heaven, denied!


2. Wayne & Garth or Laverne & Shirley

Laverne & Shirley.gif


  1. The epic Bohemian Rhapsody scene at the start.

Bohemian Rhapsody.gif

This memorable scene reminded everyone how awesome Queen is seventeen years after the song was initially released.

Mike Myers and Dava Carvey jammed out so aggressively during this scene that they had neck pain for the rest of the shoot.


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