Lip Sync Battle Tony Gonzalez v Ray Lewis Recap

This is a recap of the Lip Sync Battle between two superstar athletes, Tony Gonzalez and Ray Lewis.

LL Cool J introduced Tony Gonzalez first, who he said was a footballer who played for Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons as a ‘tight end’, however LL must have been mistaken. This man is a golfer. Look at his hat!


Ray Lewis, a former defensive footballer for the Baltimore Ravens, went first. He crooned Let’s Stay Together by Al Green. He was surprisingly good, not many athletes on this show are any good, but he definitely pulled it off.



Gonzalez’s first song was the Humpty Dance by Digital Underground. If you missed this in the 90s, you might remember Abbi Jacobson doing it in season 1 of Lip Sync Battle. Anyway, Gonzalez proved my earlier point about the quality of lip syncing by athletes.. What he lacked in technical skill however, he made up for in enthusiasm, so it was entertaining.



Tony Gonzalez went first up in the second round with Whip It by Devo. It might be easiest just to let you see the photo.


His outfit is fucking hilarious. The performance and set was bizarre and a mash up of everything 80s.

Then finally, Ray Lewis backed up Al Green with Nelly.. Hot in Herre complete with face bandaid.

Ray Lewis Gif.gif

Good gracious, his performance was bodacious. But he can’t say in honesty, ‘no decieving and nothing up his sleeve and..’ because guess what the hell happened?


Hot in Herre.png

Now I gave Gonzalez a bit of shit for picking the Humpty Dance after it had already been used, and in fairness I have to say that yes.. Victoria Justice has already done Hot in Herre, and I was ready to give Lewis shit as well. But nope. This was awesome. He smashed it.


Ray Lewis deserved the win, so good job to him.



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