Lip Sync Battle Ruby Rose v Milla Jovovich Recap

This week’s Lip Sync Battle had Australian beauty Ruby Rose pitted against Milla Jovovich. Ruby Rose and Milla Jovovich star in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, the sixth instalment in the series.

Ruby Rose started off the night with a rendition of Bitch by Meredith Brooks. Her perfect and literal choreography to the words had both us and Chrissy Teigen in stitches.

Milla came out next with Boyz In Da Hood by Eazy E (I’m so not gangsta, I wrote that as Boys In The Hood first). She made quickly modified her outfit to make it more appropriate for the song.



Milla’s second and final song was White Wedding by Billy Idol. Her outfit was complete with a fake muscle tank top, bleached blonde wig and signature sneer. She killed with this song.


And the final performance, and arguably the best (not biased at all but I do unashamedly love Ruby Rose.. ok I am biased) was Raise Your Glass by Pink. It was fucking awesome. Let’s start with the killer outfit, complete with faux rhinestones on the arm – loved it. She really surprised Milla Jovovich by flying onto stage Pink-style with silks.

Flying Ruby.gif

This is probably one of the best stunts on Lip Sync Battle, alongside Anthony Mackie’s entrance and Anne Hathaway’s wrecking ball.

Now everyone knows Lip Sync Battle is a serious competition, and Ruby was robbed!


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