Mary Tyler Moore, Made It After All

We were saddened to hear of Mary Tyler Moore’s passing today, after several years of illness.

Mary Tyler Moore is regularly listed as a pioneer female comedy legend alongside Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett.

Mary Tyler Moore was one of three children born to (as imdb puts it) George Tyler Moore, a devout Catholic, and his wife, Marjorie Hackett, an alcoholic.

mtm-laterMary Tyler Moore starred in the Dick van Dyke Show (or as she called him, Penis van Lesbian), and went on to be the star of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. The Mary Tyler Moore Show, which ran from 1970 to 1977, was one of the first tv shows to portray an independent woman who’s happiness didn’t rely on her husband. The Mary Tyler Moore Show also starred legends such as Betty White, Cloris Leachman and Ed Asner.

Unfortunately she suffered from much sadness and tragedy in her life, she was a sufferer of Diabetes Type 1 and had surgery to remove a brain tumour in 2011. She wrote in her 1995 book After All that she was an alcoholic. Her son accidentally shot himself with a gun in 1980 and her sister committed suicide at age 21, in 1978.


Thanks for the laughs Mary.


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