Duck Soup – Nothing to do with ducks or soup

Duck Soup is a classic Marx Brothers movie, where Groucho plays a fictional and incompetent dictator. Despite the title it has nothing to do with ducks or soup.

I came into this movie with a huge misunderstanding, believing that the Marx brothers were from the silent era, and I was reasonably surprised when there was audio.

duck-soupDuck Soup is really funny, the jokes come thick and fast. There’s a memorable scene  where Harpo is forced to mirror Groucho after a mirror breaks. Whilst it’s not the first time that it was done, it is probably the most famous.


Duck Soup is a reasonably short movie, going for a bit over an hour. The plot fit into this timeframe well, and I think if it went any longer the silliness would get tiring, instead of the perfect amount it is. The only reason I had heard of this movie prior to watching it was because of the Gilmore Girls’ love for the movie. I tend to trust their opinion on pop culture, as they are the queens! Yet again they have proven themselves correct, as this movie was great.


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