What Happened This Week (End 1st January 2017)

Leah Remini.jpgA&E cancelled controversial KKK docuseries after an outcry from the public, which upset the super credible people over at the “church” of Scientology who think that A&E shouldn’t be promoting Leah Remini’s series about the “church”.


britney-spearsTwitter accounts were hacked by toxic trolls and incorrectly reported Britney Spears’ death. Don’t worry, Britney is alive and well.



GTY 630706386 S SPO MAR UFC USA NVRonda Rousey lost her big comeback fight to Amanda Nunes. Ronda lasted 48 seconds in the octagon. If I had to put money on it, I’d say that Ronda won’t be returning to UFC fighting and will concentrate on her movie career.


Mariah Carey.jpgEveryone’s favourite insufferable yet talented diva Mariah Carey suffered a massive lip sync fail on New Years Eve! There was an issue with her vocal track that caused her to become very frustrated and unable to perform as she had no audio. It was a massive mistake by the audio techs, and Mariah actually handled it better than I would have expected.


George Michael passed this week – a shock to his fans. A video has surfaced of him being James Corden’s first Carpool Karaoke guest.


carrie-debbieCarrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds tragically passed away within a day of each other, breaking the hearts of Star Wars fans and 1950s/1960s cinema alike. Our thoughts go out to Billie Lourd – Carrie’s daughter, Todd Fisher – Debbie’s son and Gary – Carrie’s adorable dog.

William Christopher, MASH star, also passed away this week aged 84.



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