What Happened This Week (End 11th December)

hairspray.jpgHairspray Live was a thing this week. The reviews were mixed, calling it fun but sloppy.

I really enjoyed it, but agree with the reviews, it was pretty messy.

But most importantly, Kristen Chenoweth is a fucking star.


office-xmasOffice Christmas Party, you know, the movie that J Aniston, TJ Miller and J Bateman have been promoting on all the talk shows was released this week.

I’m yet to see it, but you should go.. Probably.


dtrumpAlec Baldwin offered to stop his impression of the Donald on SNL if the Donald released his tax returns. I think it’s pretty safe to say Alec will have a steady income for 4 years.



The new Spiderman trailer was released!  It actually looks pretty good. I know, we’re all getting a little tired of the superhero genre, but this one looks quite funny – a two punch combo of Peter Parker and Tony Stark. At least it’s not another fucking origin story.

jimmy-kimmel.jpgJimmy Kimmel is set to host the Oscars ceremony next year. I don’t think he will be better than Ellen, but he sure as shit will be better than Frathaway.

If Matt Damon has no role in the ceremony I will riot.



kirkLegendary actor Kirk Douglas turned 100 this week, and had an interview in Variety magazine to mark the occasion. Most of the interview was upbeat, but one somber quote has been making rounds on the internet:

“I am now a hundred years old. I read about Hollywood, and I don’t know the people. Where is Burt? Where is Laurence Olivier? They’re all gone. I miss them. I feel lonely.”



Mick Jagger has has a baby at age 73, 2 years after his great granddaughter was born. Whether or not the baby has moves like Jagger is yet to be announced.

Peter Vaughan, aka Maester Aemon from Game of Thrones watch has ended, as passed away at age 93.


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