Other TV Revivals We Need in Our Lives

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was released a bit over a week ago, and as stated before I absolutely adored it. It made me wonder what other TV show revivals would be amazing?


Friends (Potential Revival Name: Still Friends)

Friends is the best ensemble sitcom ever (according to yours truly), and fans of the show constantly hound the stars and creators about when or if there will be a reunion. It has been 12 years since the final episode, how could you not be curious as to how everyone is going? The cast actually got together this year to commemorate the efforts of the director James Burrows, but what we really care about is the characters.



Seinfeld (Potential Revival Name: Kramer Costanza and Benes – because who are we kidding, they’re the real talent).

Seinfeld had a famously awful ending (spoiler alert: the characters go to jail). They did have a mini reunion on Larry David’s show Curb Your Enthusiasm, but a full scale reunion would be amazing.


rd Rock.jpg30 Rock AND 3rd Rock From the Sun (Potential Revival Name: 30 Rock From the Sun)

I mean, their names make a perfect combination. Maybe Tom, Dick, Harry and Sally come back to Earth and get a job at 30 Rock? Can you imagine the interactions between Dick and Jack? What about Sally and Tracy?



Community.jpgCommunity (Potential Revival Name: And A Movie)

Community is hilarious, quirky and adorable. I absolutely love the Dan Harmon episodes of the show (please don’t watch the gas leak season.. ok you might have to to get that reference). Need I say any more than #sixseasonsandamovie ?


happy-endingsHappy Endings (Potential Revival Name: Somewhat Reasonable Endings)

If you don’t know Happy Endings (which is reasonable as it was axed after just three seasons) it is a sitcom revolving around 6 friends (sound familiar?) in Chicago (oh). It’s very funny, and has one of my favourite episodes of all time (season 3, episode 12). It actually looks like a reboot might be possible!

If you take nothing else from this post, please try to watch this show.

landscape-1476795534-gilmoregirls-1sht-fall-ukGilmore Girls? (Potential Revival Name: The Comeback Tour)

Was the revival really enough for all the fans? I think it was, and as I have written before, I’m happy with the ending, but many fans are calling for more episodes.


Honorable mentions: Firefly, How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs.

Which shows would you like to see return?


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