Is Sandi Toksvig a Better Host than Stephen Fry?

Sandi Toksvig is the new host of UK panel show QI, and she is fucking killing it. When it was announced that she would be taking over as host, I started worrying that I would lose all interest in this previously quite interesting show. I thought Sandi might try too hard to be exactly like Stephen.

Sandi is enough like Stephen to make the show still work, but different enough that it has breathed new life into the series. There have been 5 episodes to date at the time this post was written, and she has nailed every single one.

The other massive improvement in the show is the chemistry between Alan and Sandi. Don’t get me wrong, Stephen and Alan certainly had chemistry prior to Stephen’s departure but Sandi and Alan have something knew and it’s a lot of fun to watch.

Also, how great are Sandi’s jumpers?




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